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Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures industrial grade water treatment chemicals for use in boilers, RO plants, waste water, cooling towers, swimming pools. 


Water Treatment Chemicals

​Chemtex Speciality Limited stands out in a plethora of water treatment chemicals market with high performance chemicals demanded all over commercial, municipal and industrial process environments, enhancing productivity, performance, and reducing operational costs.


We are one of the largest water treatment chemicals manufacturers in India covering a vast portfolio ranging from RO membrane cleaning, cooling tower chemicals, boiler chemicals, water sanitization, wastewater management and more.


Water treatment chemicals market is growing progressively with the demand for water treatment chemicals being high, as it is a low-cost procedure for the treatment of raw or wastewater, drinking water and supply water. Wide-scale developments in the municipal water treatment, oil & gas, power generation, metal & mining, and desalination industries has led to the high demand for water chemicals.

Feed water consists of both make-up water and condensate. Boiler water is water circulating in a boiler. Condensate is condensed steam cooled and returned to the boiler system. Cooling tower water is circulated in an open system like cooling tower and condenser of an air-conditioning system or a turbine condenser. Chilled water is cold water circulated in closed systems, medium for transferring cold temperatures for air cooling in an air-conditioning system.

Materials used in water distribution systems: Iron is most widely distributed pipelines and is prone to corrosion. Lead is used as a stabilizer for PVC pipes. The problems are dealt with coagulants and flocculants intentionally added in the treatment process but can give rise to residues or by products. Disinfectants with deliberate residual matter to avoid re-contamination through the channel. Chelants and sequestrants leach out suspended particulates from the medium.

Water is vital for life. It is essential for health, hygiene and productivity of a community. Water covers nearly 70% of the Earth's surface with approximately 97.2% of it being saline and mostly undrinkable, and rest 2.8% fresh, with life depending on the 0.5% of the entire water stock. Potable water is available in almost all populated areas of the Earth, although it may be expensive and the supply may not always be sustainable.

Pre-treatment protects raw water recovery and removes anything that otherwise hampers subsequent treatment processes. Depending on the quality of the water to be treated, several processes could be required. Process industries use reverse osmosis to clean water, be it for modern industrial applications or desalination to convert sea water, or to tidy up wastewater or recover salts from mechanical processes. The treatment processes are dependent on the technology of the treatment plant and the form of water that needs to be processed, but the basic principle remains the same.


Water input > Debris removal > Rapid mixing (Homogenization) > Flocculation > Sedimentation > Filtration > Disinfection > Distribution

​Disinfection of processed water is necessary to avoid microbial re-contamination. Water additives enhance taste and output quality for its specific consumers. Most water is cleaned for human consumption (drinking water), however water sanitization might likewise be assigned for a variety of different purposes such as medical, pharmacological, chemical, industrial and modern applications. Quality standards are set by governments or internationally that state the minimum and maximum quantity of solids/contaminants depending on its intended use.


General Chemicals

Chemtex Speciality Ltd manufactures industrial chemicals for specific end uses such as DEHA or diethylhydroxylamine, carbohydrazide, morpholine, citric acid powder, sulphamic acid, EDTA, PAC and more










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