Powder Corrosion Inhibitor & Oxygen Scavenger

Efficient operation of boilers and other steam-run equipment requires chemical treatment of feed water to control corrosion. Corrosion in such systems usually arises as a result of oxygen attack on steel in water supply equipment, pre-boiler systems, boiler and condensate return lines. Unfortunately, oxygen attack on steel is accelerated by the unavoidably high temperatures found in boilers. In most modern boiler systems, dissolved oxygen is handled firstly mechanically and then chemically scavenging the remainder. Chemical scavenging of the remaining dissolved oxygen is widely accomplished by treating the water with Hydrazine. However, Hydrazine is recognized as an extremely toxic chemical and possesses severe health threats.

Carbohydrazide based oxygen scavenger contains corrosion owing to dissolved oxygen, without adding any inorganic solids to the boiler water. This particular class of oxygen scavenger does not decompose into organic acid species and works by promoting the formation of passivating metal oxide films without interfering with the action of other treatment chemicals. It minimizes oxygen induced corrosion and pitting, iron oxide deposition and scaling of feed-water lines, de-aerators, and internal steam boiler with these advanced boiler oxygen scavengers.

This boiler water treatment is mainly available in two variants - powder and liquid. In solid form, it is white crystalline in appearance, completely soluble in water, decomposes around 153°C/ 307.4 F. The liquid variant is based on volatile chemistry which leaves no dissolved solids, and ammonia to the boiler system.

Carbohydrazide prevents corrosion by forming a protective passive film on metal and boosting pH in condensate line, thereby increasing the shelf-life of boilers. Although it may be added to the boiler system at any point, it is most efficient to treat the boiler feed water, preferably as it comes from the de-gasifiers. Residence times prior to steam formation should be maximized to obtain maximum corrosion protection. Carbohydrazide is an effective oxygen scavenger and metal passivator over the entire range of temperatures to which the boiler is generally subjected.

Key Features and Benefits of this Boiler Water Treatment:

  • Long time protection and control against corrosion

  • Non carcinogenic nature

  • Easy to dose

  • Promotes passivation on metal surfaces

  • Non residual

Chemtex Speciality Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of Carbohydrazide in India, and supplies globally.