Boiler Corrosion Inhibitor

Chemtex manufactures Morpholine in a pale hygroscopic liquid with the chemical formula of O(CH2CH2)2NH free of foreign matter. It bears its characteristic amine odour that is detectable above 0.1 ppm concentration in boiler feed. It is a widely used neutralizing amine in combating carbonic acid corrosion in condensate return lines of steam boiler systems. It volatilizes and condenses with the steam from the boilers, thereby affording protection to the lines, which otherwise would be subjected to corrosion from the carbonic acid present in the steam condensate. Its vapours protect silver and other metals against corrosion and tarnishing by acrid fumes, such as  sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.


Morpholine is used as a boiler water treatment additive in steam systems of power plants and refineries. It forms an even wax like coating as morpholine oleate. It prevents decomposition of a chlorinated hydrocarbon in a composition containing the chlorinated hydrocarbon and a large amount of water. It is often used in conjunction with low concentrations of hydrazine or ammonia to provide a comprehensive all-volatile boiler water treatment chemistry for corrosion protection for the steam systems of such plants. Morpholine decomposes reasonably slowly in the absence of oxygen at the high temperatures and pressures in these steam systems. Because of its volatility being the same as water, upon addition to water, its concentration becomes distributed rather evenly in both the water and steam phases. Its pH-adjusting qualities become more distributed throughout the steam plant to provide corrosion protection.


Key Features & Benefits of Morpholine:

  • Prevents corrosion due to stress cracking

  • Does not contribute to TDS

  • Reduces blow down requirement

  • Compatible with other boiler water treatment chemicals

  • Returns to the feed line with the condensate return so raises the feed water pH


Corrosion of metal aerosol containers and valves can be prevented by use of low levels of morpholine. It increases the pH of boiler water to protect boiler against corrosion. Due to its amine based formulation, it does not add salt to the boiler and hence does not contribute to the TDS, which results in reduced blow down and fuel savings. Morpholine can be used in all types, size and pressure of boilers.

Chemtex Speciality Ltd provides high quality Morpholine for boiler water treatment globally.