RO Chemicals

Process industries use RO to clean up water, for modern industrial applications or to convert sea water, to tidy up wastewater or to recover salts. RO Systems have low energy requirement, are compact in size, automatic, and easy maintenance. RO Membranes are contaminated with pollutants like colloids, biofilms, and organic matter. These deposit on the membrane surfaces, and consequently decrease the overall system performance. RO chemicals ensure reverse osmosis plants and desalination plants operate at peak performances.

General symptoms of contamination:

  • 10 – 15% decrease in permeate flow

  • Decrease in permeate quality (10% more salt content)

  • 10 – 15% increase in pressure gradients between the feed and concentrate  headers


Chemicals for RO plants

RO Antiscalant

RO Antiscalants are unique chemical additives to prevent scale formation and to reduce the fouling rate in the RO membrane system. Chemtex RO Antiscalants are FDA approved for non toxicity in potable water.


  • Effective scale inhibition

  • High permeate recovery rate

  • Low chemical dosage

  • Cost effective

  • Organic in nature – suitable for all membranes

  • Reduces membrane cleaning frequency

  • Effective iron and silica fouling control

  • Economical

RO Membrane Cleaning and Disinfectant Chemicals

RO Membrane Cleaner and Disinfectant are used to remove contaminants and sanitize RO systems during cleaning operations to help prevent bacterial/ microbial contamination.



  • Suitable for all membranes (Good membrane compatibility)

  • Removes all types of mineral scales, organic foulants, silt and iron depositions

  • Highly concentrated – economical

  • Low foaming in nature

  • Easy to use and handle

  • Minimum metal lost due to corrosion

  • Excellent flow rate

  • Avoids leakage in heat exchangers

Drinking Water Mineral Additives

Chemtex powder range of drinking minerals are unique chemical additives addressing specific industrial problems of pH, TDS, bio-fouling and other desired uses.


  • Ease of handling

  • Low dosage

  • Providing essential minerals

  • Does not alter taste and smell

  • Non-toxic


Jar Cleaning Chemical

Chemtex range of jar cleaning chemicals provide a hassle free solution to re-using water bottles. Range of pH cleaners for internal and external washing of water bottles, cleaning organic fouling, inorganic scaling and leave a bright shine.


  • Easy to use

  • Safe and nontoxic

  • Brightens plastic bottles

  • Extends longevity