Sulfamic Acid

Boiler Descaling Chemical

Water supply worldwide has a very high mineral content hard water, which causes scale deposition, conducing the usage of descalers. Sulfamic acid is a white crystalline solid, stable and non-hygroscopic widely used as an acid cleaning agent, typically for metals and ceramics. It is a better replacement for hydrochloric acid in rust removal.


Chemtex manufactured sulfamic acid finds use in cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, condenser jackets and coils, descaling toilets, removing excess grout on tiles, efflorescence and other mineral deposits, sulphamic acid is widely used. It helps remove hard water scales, protein deposits, beer and milk stones, light rust and copper corrosion. It stabilizes chlorine in swimming pools and cooling towers along with its inhibitor properties serving as an efficient penetrant and dispersant to enhance the effectiveness of the acid. In households, it is often found as a descaling agent in detergents, cleaners and toilet cleaners for the removal of lime scales.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Effective removal of hard scale deposits

  • Economical & cost effective dosage

  • Safe for system metal and components

  • Excellent wetting characteristics to aid in removal of organic and greasy foulants

  • Biodegradable product

  • Easy to handle